Wave Bypass Ring - Lapis

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Our Wave Bypass Ring features two crescent-shaped bezels cast in sterling silver. Each bezel is filled with sand or elements and is completed with a glass-like finish. The Wave Bypass ring wraps comfortably around your finger and is able to be slightly adjusted for a customizable fit.


  • .925 sterling silver
  • 2 abstract wave settings
  • Nautical flair
  • Band thickness is approximately 2.8mm
  • Handmade with Love & Sandy Hands in the USA®
  • Comes in whole sizes 5-10
  • Photo shown is handmade with sand from Bali and The Almafi Coast, Italy

***NOTE*** In Stock elements differ from picture shown. In Stock we have the largest wave filled with Lapis and the smallest with sand from the Peace River in Arcadia Florida